35 Foot Rock Climbing Tower

9 Hole Mini Golf Course

Take on a great challenge and see if you can climb to the top!  Our 2-Double Climbing Tower means four participants can climb at the same time, 2 on each face!  Each person is safely and securely helmeted and harnessed to our automatic belay system, with each session being facilitated by URC's trained staff.  This is a great "High Adventure" for youth 9 years to adult.

Exercise your putting skills on our unique and fun 9 hole miniature golf course!  From little kids to "big" kids, everyone has a great time trying to get that "Hole In One".  Putt the ball through the "Little White Church" or dodge the "Swinging Anchor", aim the ball just right up and down the ramps and avoid the obstacles to get your best score!  This is something for everyone to enjoy!



Low & High Ropes Course

The Low & High Ropes Course at URC is a vital and integral part of the summer camp week.  Challenges are tackled both individually and as a team in a most rewarding way.  We have many challenge activities, almost a dozen low ropes elements, and 9 high ropes elements, finishing with an exhilarating 250 foot zip line!


Canoe Trips On The River

For our older campers one trip on the river near the camp happens during the week.  We head out after breakfast to the river, get into pairs, review safety guidelines, including proper wear of life jackets, and navigate the slow river downstream.  Fun, conversation, beautiful nature and adventure are only interrupted with a relaxing picnic lunch on one of several sand beaches along the way.  After about 6 miles we find our stopping point, and are bused back to camp in time for dinner!


Swimming Pool & 8-Foot Slide

There's nothing like cooling off at the pool on a hot and sunny Louisiana afternoon!  We are excited that our pool was re-tiled and painted in 2009, which has made swim time awesome!  Enjoy the fun pool slide, diving, swimming, or water games watched closely by our own American Red Cross certified lifeguards.  Concessions items, such as ice cream and soda are enjoyed pool side in our umbrella shaded seating area.


Archery Range

Archery at URC has been a big hit!  Everyone from Beginners to Pros will enjoy the fun and skill of archery.  Every session is supervised by our trained staff for a fun and safe experience!


Adventure Playground

An awesome adventure playground at URC is something fun for kids of all ages.  Whether pre-school age or just a "Big Kid" the playground will provide enjoyment for years to come!  With multiple slides, climbing elements and challenges, this playground is simply "Tons of Fun"!


Sports & Games

Whether launching water balloons across camp, shooting hoops at the basketball court, playing volleyball or soccer, 9-Square, board or card games on game night, or playing capture the flag in the evening, there's always something fun to do at camp!


Worship & Bible Studies

Worshipping together is an integral part of camp in the summer.  We gather to celebrate our Lord using contemporary worship music led by keyboard, guitars, and voice, with powerpoint presentation on our big screen.  Whether it's high praise or reflective, everyone has an opportunity to worship, and take time to listen to God.  Small group interactive Bible studies are led by our trained staff every day following our theme for the summer.  Skits, discussion, questions and journaling make our Bible study times interesting and memorable.